2021 New Team member

Rebekka Guedes joins the Graphics and Administration team on October 1, 2021.

2020 new Advisory Partner

Simon Baumgartner joined LBN as a new advisory partner on January 1, 2020.

2018 Move to Rotkreuz, CH

Since Marche 2018, the company's head office is located in Rotkreuz, Switzerland.

2016 Leadership Change

In 2016, Gian-Luca Fischer, son of LBN founder Paulus Fischer, became CEO of LBN.

2015 Close-Down of Italian Branch

La Buona Novella srl., the Italian daughter branch of LBN, was closed down on 31.12.2015.

2014 Cooperation with CLC Italy (Sicily)

2014 saw the beginning of a cooperation of LBN with the CLC publishing company in Italy, who became distibutors for LBN's Italian Bible editions.

2011 Cooperation with Fontis Medien GmbH

In 2011, cooperation was undertaken with Fontis Media GmbH media distributors (then still carrying the name Asaph Verlag). Fontis Medien GmbH are the distributors for the LBN German Bibele editions.

2002 Italy

A daughter company was founded in Southern Italy (Apulia), carrying the name La Buona Novella srl.

2002 Move to Switzerlandz

The company's head office moved to WoIlerau, Switzerland and La Buona Novella Inc. registered as a private limited company in Switzerland.

1986 Bible Publishing House

The publishing house LBN became a Bible Publishing House in 1986 and thus an official Bible publisher.

1970 Founding of the Publishing House

This publishing house was founded in 1970 in southern Italy, as publishers for evangelistic tracts and Christian and gospel booklets.