Paulus Fischer


In 1970, I founded the La Buona Novella publishing house. Five years earlier (1965), I had completed my theological education at the Edinburgh Bible College, Scotland. At that time, I recognized the significance of the textus receptus (TR) as an important original text for Bible translations.
My first personal encounter with the Italian Bible translation, the Diodati Bible, occurred in 1966 in Sicily. This translation contained very antiquated Italian language and there was a clear need for a revised edition.

When my wife and I started the pioneer mission in Apulia (southern Italy) in 1969, we founded the Mission Publishing House. I have been married since 1969 and am the father of four grown children. I worked for many years as a pastor and church leader in Italy and Switzerland. I also started or supported mission works all over the world.

For many years, I have had a passion for LBN. It is my desire to continue to champion the cause of the Bible also in the coming years, so that many more people in Europe may be blessed by it.

Gian-Luca Fischer


Since 2016, I have been the CEO of La Buona Novella Inc. I am married and have two children. As a technical businessman, I love doing business with other companies. Fairness and honesty are high priorities for me in my everyday work.

The realization of the importance of the Bible led me to join LBN (La Buona Novella Inc.), which my father founded and built over 40 years ago. I am passionate about investing in God's kingdom through my work and sharing the best news there is to many people around the world.

Sarah Fischer

Executive Assistent

As executive assistant, it has given me pleasure to facilitate the administrative work of La Buona Novella since 2019. This is in addition to my other main occupations as kindergarten teacher and as mother.

The Word of God and my relationship with Jesus is the foundation of my life. I consider the Bible to be the most valuable book that has changed my life. For this reason, I like to support my husband in leading the LBN. I especially like the editions of the LBN because of their literal translation and high quality texture.

Rebekka Guedes

Graphics and administration

As a graphic designer, I have been involved in various design tasks for LBN Inc. since 2016. Now, in addition to my creative work, I am also able to provide administrative support to the team. I enjoy designing new Bible covers the most, because I want to bring the Word of God to the people in an appealing way, so that many people can get to know God through these high-quality Bibles and read His Word with enthusiasm. What I really appreciate about the LBN Bibles is that they have been translated close to the original text and that they are easy to read in terms of font and design. 
I am married and mother of two children.